George’s Authentic Greek Yoghurt

Welcome to a unique Australian range of great tasting Greek-style yoghurt. Georges Yoghurt is one of Australia’s wonder foods! With all the value of dairy food nutrients, this creamy, dessert-style yoghurt is memorable and satisfying.

You are spoilt for choice with five (5) varieties of these irresistible, smooth & creamy luxury yoghurts. Natural Sweet is the foundation yoghurt in the range and is made from creamy fresh milk, ABC cultures and sweetened with natural cane sugar. Fresh fruit puree is then added to this base yogurt to form the fruit-varieties in the range; Mango, Passionfruit, Mixed Berry and Blueberry.

  • A perfect snack
  • A perfect partner to curry or chilli
  • Great in dips, sauces, dessert or smoothies
  • 10 essential nutrients per mouthful

The company started in 2005 and rapidly grew to cover independent outlets in
South-east Qld and Northern NSW. Today this range of yoghurts is made, packed
and delivered from its origins in the luscious dairying green hills
of the Sunshine Coast, Qld.

There is no substitute for authentic flavour or the joy of satisfaction
that Georges Yoghurt brings you. Serve yourself, family or friends
a tub of goodness with breakfast, lunch or dinner or as
a succulent snack or dessert. No apologies for the
addiction this delicious good-food may cause!



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